Sustainable Impact – Social Committments

Our actions in creating a sustainable environment are based on the principle of building foundations for a progressive society by contributing and nurturing the growth of livelihoods, communities, and the country.

This is reflected in the way we conduct our business, manage our operations, and approach stakeholders concerns with a focus on improving connectivity and bringing communities closer. At BRNL, we believe that infrastructure choices matter for economic growth, poverty reduction, and environmental sustainability.

Our focus on developing the infrastructure is therefore guided by the principles that while ensuring a modest return for investment to meet our business goal, it is equally important to focus on how our infrastructure assets could improve market access and bring positive impact on the socio-economic condition of the region.

We have therefore consistently followed the principles of 4Es – Empowerment, Environment, Employment and Economic Viability while making our investment decision for building infrastructure for a better tomorrow for the nation:

  • Empowerment
  • Environment
  • Employment
  • Economic Viability
  • Empowerment


    • CSR Gallery 2

      Special Assistance to Special School Student by GIPL

    • CSR Gallery 3

      School Book Distribution by Paliakkara Toll Plaza, Thrissur

    • CSR Gallery 4

      Distrbution of School Books at Guruvayoor

    • CSR Gallery 5

      Eye Check up organised by Malodi Toll Plaza, Bhubaneshwar

    • CSR Gallery 6

      Jalchatra in Bhubaneshwar organised by Shree Jagannath

  • Environment


    • ENV Gallery1

      Plantation along the Highway stretch of Ghaziabad Aligarh

    • ENV Gallery 2

      Tree Planatation Drive by Ghaziabad Aligarh Expressway

    • ENV Gallery 3

      Plantation along Highway stretch of Ghaziabad Aligarh

  • Employment


    • Employ Gallery 1

      Celebrating International Women Day by Empowering Women at Dighal and Gangachaya Toll Plaza

    • Employ Gallery 2

      Women at Work at Dighal and Gangachaya Toll Plaza

    • Employ Gallery 3

      Celebrating Women Empowerment at Dighal Toll Plaza

  • Economic Viability


    • Economic gallery 1

      Moving India Ahead at Manguli Toll Plaza, Bhubaneshwar

    • Economic gallery 2

       Palakkad Toll Plaza at Thrissur Anagamali